• Profile; Michele Kief, Financial Advisor

  • Posted on August 31, 2016
  • Michele Kief is as a financial adviser with a passion for assisting clients with their financial needs now, even as she assists them in building a strong financial future. Her firm takes a holistic wealth management process, which means she offers a huge number of services and support, which means she can help clients make the investments they need to meet their needs now, even as she helps build a solid retirement plan.

    Michele Kief is also an avid traveler. Because of that, she enjoys showing her clients how they can take great vacations while also saving money they can put toward their financial future. One of her favorite money-saving travel tips is to take advantage of tip growing number of websites designed to promote the sharing economy.Instead of doing everything months in advance, travelers can share the costs with other travelers, even at the last minute. Airbnb, for example, features millions of listings to fit any budget.

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